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Customer Testimony

Testimony of projects undertaken, and some client opinions on Vision Factory.

Service development in small manufacturing companies

Customer: Technology center TechVilla Oy
Opening intro
Krista’s background in institutions of learning gave us assurance that she really can complete the project while taking into note behaviour of different kinds of participants in different kinds of interaction situations. I value her commitment and activity in also unforeseen and surprising situations. The target companies involved in the project felt that Krista’s service was very applicable at the beginning of the development process, where the marketing research and innovation productization are not yet complete. An excellent case. We got …

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Wellness Dream Asiakasymmärryspeli

Developing the customer understanding game

Customer: Cariitti Oy
Opening intro
Peter Ruokonen, the CEO of Cariitti talks on why and how they built a customer and market understanding game together with Vision Factory to develop their pilot program service. According to him, co-creation through gamification is especially applicable to marketing reports, and situations where we are working with something completely new. The purpose of the game was for us to learn; to collect customer understanding and information of the market to support our launch. Our learned results were…

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Mentorointi-canvaksen yhteiskehittäminen

Co-development of the Mentorointi-canvas

Customer: Business Tampere
Opening intro
Vision Factory considers each case unique, searching solutions together for that specific case. We appreciate the interaction, co-creation, and readiness to accept challenges and that the process does not progress by predetermined template, where the easiest and most convenient solution is the chosen one, passing where the bar is set low. I think the Vision Factory model is good especially when one wants to clarify a complex phenomenon or problem.

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Vision Factory was born of my passion to develop the activities and competitiveness of organizations through co-creation, design ideology, innovation knowledge and a gamistic approach.

Krista Keränen
Vision Factory owner

Practical Examples On Things Learned Regarding Development

Design thinking and co-creation enable building a new, more competitive business. When stakeholders are involved in developing the business a lot of silent information is uncovered, which would otherwise be very hard to gain. Silent information then helps in making faster and better decisions and brings a new kind of agility into an organisation.

It feels like we often fall in love with our own products. For business, it would be better for us to learn and understand the needs and challenges of customers and develop our business and technology to support in solving them.

For us to understand the needs and challenges of customers, meaning their everyday operation, we need more and more means of co-creation and agile pilots. Engaging and trying does not diminish or call into question the need for expertise and deep professionalism: On the contrary, we need experts who know their field to help refine the ideas into products.

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