Co-Creation And Organisational Change

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Krista Keränen is a pioneer of co-creation who has, including other things, completed a doctoral dissertation on the subject in Cambridge university.


  • Using a co-creation management model and the service design tools that come with it ensures that your products and/or services meet the real needs of the client.
  • The co-creative process strengthens competitive ability and motivates the staff.
  • From the POV of management and decision making, co-creation is leading by knowledge through qualitative and insightful information.


  • An organisation that starts to adopt the tenements of co-creation will receive entirely new views on how to organize and manage their activities into their toolset.
  • The result will be a truly co-creating organization that will recognize the needs for change faster and is able to renew itself in a more agile manner if needs be. Decision-making will also be easier and more transparent.
  • The focus of activity development will shift from developing the company’s own internal method into a model that focuses on customer-centric development.


  • Start off from the POV of training which includes a development project tailored to the organization, used to pilot new ways of operating and learn while doing them.
  • Carrying out the training can be done, in addition to the project, by webinars,  short inspirational lectures and workshops. In addition, you can add personal mentoring into the package.

A Top Professional Of Co-Creation, At Your Service

Krista Keränen is a pioneer of co-creation and has written her doctoral thesis on co-creation, service design and service innovation at the university of Cambridge and has facilitated and completed several co-creation projects. Link to her doctoral dissertation:

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