… here you can get to see the Vision Factory tools. In addition, we also have a broad virtual set of development tools we utilize.

Co-Creation Tools

CoCo Tool Kit 2.0 - CoCo Cosmos

We believe that in the modern world the largest challenges involve the complexity of things and fast-paced changes, which force us to make quick decisions. Our natural way of thinking and looking at things from our own, quite often narrow perspective also brings its own challenge into the mix. It is hard to think innovatively, outside the box.

To tackle these challenges, we developed a clear and easy-to-use tool, the CoCo Cosmos. Even though the tool was originally developed to answer the needs of B2B businesses, we have noticed it also works excellently in the private, public and third sectors.  CoCo Cosmos has been sold to universities, consultancy companies, associations, businesses, and municipalities in both Finland and abroad.

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